Monday, August 3, 2015

So this just happened...

    You know that moment when you're so overwhelmed that something amazing just happened and you're left blinking that it actually happened?

    So that's me at the moment.

    Okay, so I joined this online writing class for urban fantasy and paranormal romance. (I'm working on two novels, one a 3-part thing and the other a Young Adult book. I need all the help I can get.)

    And, in the process, I read four authors I'd never read before. (Well, technically, the other one is an anthology.)

    So I realized yet again, now more than ever, how very talented Pinoy writers are.

    Not only are the works of the moderators of the class the actual required reading of the class, but we get to interact with them and pick their brains, basically, on how to actually get published.

    I am not there yet.

    I need to focus on, as Kate Evangelista says, getting the writing done. There wouldn't be anything to edit or sell if there's no book, so I need to actually put butt to chair and write.

    Last Saturday, we got to meet Mina Esguerra, Paolo Chikiamco and Kate in the flesh. And I'm still absorbing the stuff they had to say.

    And I was lucky enough to sit right beside Kate's mom and I was on full fangirl mode. I said, my only problem with digital books is that I didn't have an actual book for Kate to sign.

        And then Kate comes over and we have a lovely conversation about how she got started and basically... I'm just starstruck at how this Pinoy author came to be published in the USA and, as I told her, her work is at par or even better than what's available out there. Truth. Not just because she decided to take pity on my sorry ass and gave me a package of awesomeness.

    So if you're looking for awesome Pinoy writing, look up Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's Trese, Mina Esguerra, Paolo Chikiamco, Marian Tee, and Kate Evangelista. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Find a review HERE.
Find Trese on Amazon HERE and on buqo HERE.

And of course your local bookstore.

(Do join the Facebook group HERE. Just saying.)

Find Mina V. Esguerra's Amazon page HERE.
Find her on buqo HERE.

You can read Mina's story, Gifted Little Creatures, for free on buqo HERE

Find Paolo Chikiamco on Amazon HERE.
Find him on buqo HERE.

And of course your local bookstore.

Find Marian Tee on Amazon HERE.
Find her on buqo HERE.

You can read some of Marian's books for free on buqo.

Find Kate Evangelista on Amazon HERE.
Find her on Swoonreads HERE.
(Oh, and totally check her out on Wattpad HERE.) 

(Oh do try and check her book, Til Death, out in National Bookstore and Powerbooks. 
It is available but in limited quantities. Ask customer service to order the book if it's out.)

* buqo is an e-bookstore partnered with Ookbee, the no. 1 e-bookstore app in Thailand. buqo is available online and as an app from the Apple and Google Play stores.

    buqo also happens to be the official sponsor of our class. So, in a month or so, expect the collection of stories from the class to appear in the store.

    To check out some of the stuff we talk about, just look up #StrangeLit on Twitter.

P.S.  And to Kate, for being such an inspiration, and for going out of your way to encourage someone who's just starting out, my deepest gratitude. You are amazing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Limited Time Free Online Summit on Shamanism

Join us at The Shamanism Global Summit

Find more information HERE.


I had goosebumps when I first heard of this today. I just finished listening to all the talks from the Shades of Awakening online summit on spiritual emergency.

When they asked what I'd like to hear more about, I said I wished there were more talks on spirituality and all these terms I'd only heard about and experienced during my own spiritual emergency and eventual research and coming to terms with it.

And here is the universe answering me. Wow, that was fast.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Psychic Protection with Archangel Michael Meditation

Meditation for Protection

Guided Psychic Protection Meditation

Planetary Healer Empath

Your Super Serious Title is: The Planetary Healer Empath

Your Total Score: 73 out of 80
Your Out of Control Healer Score: 9 out of 10
Your Protection Tools Score: 23 out of 25
How Much You Mirror Others Unconsciously Score: 13 out of 15
Your Appreciation for Nature Score: 10 out of 10
You scored extremely high on the overall results. You are definitely an empath. 

You are pretty intuitive and can usually tell when people are lying. You may want to look into getting energy work and healing done on your second chakra. Usually people that need to be around water all the time have blocks in their second chakras. You love nature and unconsciously understand its healing effects -- which is a general, but strong indicator that you are an empath. You have a deep love and appreciation for nature. You recognize the sacred expression of all beings. You are truly wise. But you have a gift for influencing the moods, energies, atmospheres, and environments around you. 

You need to learn how to recognize and differentiate other people's energy from yours. Learning psychic/empathic meditation tools will help. You scored fairly poor on the "Mirroring Others Unconsciously" portion of the quiz. It looks like you have a tendency to mirror other people and their energy. Your score indicates that you would benefit from learning to recognize your own energy and learning to run it through your body, rather than running your friend's or family's energy. 

You scored very low on the "Has Protection Tools" section of the quiz. This means that your ability to protect yourself energetically is poor. You are like a psychic sponge. You would benefit from energy healing and empathic protection tools! You are so caring and loving that you put others before yourself -- to your detriment. You are most likely an out of control healer. You would benefit from energy work and empath tools for releasing guilt and responsibility.

Take the Empath Test HERE.

Empath Basics

I had this crazy experience the other day, which is still bleeding into today, that made me realize how badly I needed grounding.

Before my spiritual emergency in 2012, I would not have known these terms.

So, here's some helpful stuff that helped me when I realized I was an empath.

7 Original Signs that You're an Empath

Empath Reading List

For any spiritual journey, one of the most important things is grounding.

What Does It Mean to be Ungrounded?

Grounding Exercise - Simple, effective, brilliant.

More on Grounding

And, just because it is so true.

Because sometimes there are no words...

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