Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fruit of the Spirit Children's Song

This is the song the Lingap Kabataan kids performed at A.M.P. Fest. Fun, joyful praise song which reminded me of what kids should be listening or dancing to.

A.M.P. Fest at Blended Learning Center

It was a fun day over at Blended Learning Center in Cubao. It was a day of Art, Music, and Pages, or A.M.P. Fest for short. This year, the third one, was aimed at raising funds for a mobile library for the local community as well as for the school's future scholars.

Matt and his schoolmates had their artwork on display, as well as their creative writing projects.

They performed "Ode to Joy" and "Leron, Leron, Sinta" on the recorder. They also sang "Peace Like a River."

Lingap Kabataan was also a special guest, a non-government organization focusing on street kids. The kids from Lingap were entertained with a getting-to-know-you game, a "basag palayok" (Matt called it a "piƱata"), and a storytelling session, as well as the musical performances of the BLC kids. They also performed a special dance number of their own, with the song "Fruit of the Spirit."

There was also a performance of harp playing, which we loved.

Not a bad day to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just a bit of magic for your day

Marco Tempest: The Magic of Truth and Lies (and iPods)

TED Talks

Monday, November 24, 2014

Begin, begin, begin again

Begin, begin, begin again. Again and again and again. Persistence, persistence, persistence.