Sunday, June 27, 2010

Homeschooling updates


We're still crawling along on our homeschooling days. But it feels that we're actually walking now and not just crawling. Hopefully.

Lately, it feels that I'm in pursuit of my own learning rather than Matt's. Been reading a lot again and investing in books other than scrapbooking again. Also have been an avid fan of the History, National Geographic and Knowledge channels lately.

Matt seems to be more and more enthusiastic about the Bible stories in his curriculum more than Math. Then again, I don't blame him. Counting to 1-30 is such a chore compared to stories about Moses and the Israelites. Although I do wish the stories could just get to the point faster without too many distracting and seemingly unimportant details. Matt focuses so much on pictures that he forgets to listen to those details that inevitably come up with comprehension questions.

Matt is on a drawing frenzy and draws Gundam robot after Gundam robot. He's still in love with beetles and carries his plastic beetles around. I'm so glad that he reached six years old and still likes them. He's pretty much a constant little thing.

His favorite shows are Bakugan and Kamen Rider. He rarely watches Playhouse Disney or even Disney channel. He's more a Cartoon Network or Hero channel fan now.

He watches the Filipino version of Bakugan on Hero so at least he's exposed to the language, even just as a listening exercise.

He knows how to count to 20 in Filipino and can name colors, shapes, some animals and mostly Aa words. It's still hard for us to remember to speak to him in Tagalog. When we do remember, it feels that we overwhelm him too much and it's just too easy to translate and go back to speaking in English.

No plans of enrolling him in regular school at the moment. Really can't afford it. Guess we're just going to have to focus on finally finishing his Pre-Reading curriculum.

And Matt tries to read words and spell out words, but usually still asks for help. He writes letters sideways sometimes, like his "F" or "2" would be facing the other way.

We're trying to learn the months of the year and the national anthem "Lupang Hinirang". He says the "Panunumpa ng Katapatan sa Watawat" (Pledge to the Flag) but with help.

He sometimes asks to be enrolled in regular school or to be enrolled in Second Mom Domu Schola so he can see his summer classmates again. But I told him that the girls are enrolled in St. Paul Pasig and don't go to school there.

Have to think of more social interaction and P.E., Music and Art exposure for him. Wish we could afford to enroll him in regular Saturday lessons or something. In the meantime, AR says their P.E. is still swimming every weekend. I think Matt likes swimming not so much for the exercise but for the kids he talks to every time we do.

Can't remember where this movie line is from but this is pretty much what my motto is: "Oh well, onward and upward." P.S. Just remembered. It's from Neil Gaiman's "Mirrormask".

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