Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pinoy Homeschoolers' Field Trip

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One of the moms in our homeschool group, Pinoy Homeschool, organized a field trip for the group. (Thanks, Lea!)

Of course Matt was excited. We were too since he has yet to actually take a field trip anywhere around the Philippines.

Our itinerary included the Pepsi plant in Muntinlupa...

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... Gardenia plant in Laguna...

 photo gardenia_zpscupuav38.jpg

... Go Nuts Donuts also in Laguna...

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... McDonald's kitchen tour on SLEX...

 photo mcdo_zpslv7rs7xx.jpg

... and finally the Philippine Air Force Museum at Villamor Air Base.

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My personal favorite was the Philippine Air Force Museum, especially the airplane park. Among the cool planes there was the official Presidential plane during Marcos' time.

The Gardenia plant was also cool. They had an informative video explaining how the bread was made with the machinery at the plant prior to seeing the actual production line. It was highlighted even more because the Pepsi plant tour was such a disappointment.

There were no viewing decks or anything at the Pepsi plant, you just look inside glass windows and walk around the plant, looking at machines clean bottles. Nobody even bothered explaining to us what we were looking at. Plus it wasn't even organized with how they start to clean bottles to putting the drinks inside the containers. AR commented that if what we saw was any indication, "So they only clean bottles at the Pepsi plant."

Plus, when we asked the supposed "tour guide" of the Pepsi plant if they recycle bottles, they could only vaguely reply, "We're looking into it and we'll probably be moving into that in the future." Future? As in they're not doing it yet??

The McDonald's kitchen tour just reminded me of all the grease they use to cook food. I'll never look at a McDonald's chicken meal the same way again after seeing the vat of oil they cook it in.

The Go Nuts Donuts wasn't anything spectacular either since you can pretty much see the same process if you go to any branch of Krispy Kreme.

Still, on the whole, Matt had tons of fun. I wasn't much in the mood to socialize so I didn't get to chat with any of the other moms.

AR was glad to have tagged along since he met two old high school classmates who have been together since high school. Wow. And they homeschool their kids too. But we couldn't chat with them much since the day really was focused on the kids.

Matt talked to anyone he could. But I guess he doesn't miss making long-time friends as much as I worry about as he can barely remember the names of the people he talks to.

Definitely dreaming of going to more field trips in the near future. Perhaps just around Metro Manila.

AR and I want to go see the National Museum since they seem to be having a special Presidential exhibit for a limited time after President Noynoy's inauguration.

Hoping for more cheerful weather and less rain. But it looks like the June rainy season is unstoppable.


  1. Wow, looks like your little guy had a fun time :) I've never been to any of those places too, pero yeah, you guys should go to the National Museum. I missed going there - we used to have classes behind the Spolarium and I haven't been there since.
    Just took Pao to the Art Gallery here too, di yata bagay for an autistic kid with ADHD kasi he kept running and asking questions while people were silently admiring Degas and Renoir. I shouldve taken him to the Science World instead :p Nga pala, buhay pa ba and Science Centrum sa UP Manila?

  2. Hi Nina, this is Tita Ida.
    Field trips are always very exciting for the kids & for the parents as well ^_^. Enjoy din kami during that time na pwede pa kami kasama. Been to Gardenia plant & their tour was really organized. Been to Villamor Airbase na din & maganda nga dun. Cheri's class also had field trip in Buttefly House somewhere in Marikina & Avilon Zoo. Ayayay..enjoy sila talaga. Another beautiful educational place would be the Ayala Museum where you can see diorama of Philippine history.
    Laki na ni Mat. Miss you all 3. God bless & ingat lagi.