Wednesday, June 30, 2010

President Noynoy's inaugural speech

Just watched President Noynoy Aquino give his inaugural speech on TV at the Quirino Grandstand over at Luneta Park.

Never have I heard a speech, especially a Filipino President's, full of sincerity and simple but seemingly almost impossible dreams for the Filipino people.

President Noynoy seemed to have bulls-eyed every single problem and issue that the Filipino is now facing, from the major to the everyday, from corruption which has dragged the country down even worse than the time of Marcos to the "wang-wang" of VIPs cutting across vehicular traffic.

I pray that he succeeds and that we can finally lift up our heads again and be proud of being called a Filipino.

Even the veteran news reporters covering the event were filled with hope and excitement at the unveiling of a new era.

May truth and justice always prevail, especially to the besieged ruins of our country.

It won't be an easy job. But with an honest and sincere President, hopefully, we can see a little bit of light shining into the darkness.

God bless the new Philippine President and God bless the Filipino people. Good luck and may our prayers go with you, President Noynoy!

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  1. So very true! Sincere and inspiring. Never have I been so engaged by a president's speech. God bless the Philippines and its new president, Benigno Aquino III.