Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eclipse from the Twilight saga


Okay, so I knew New Moon (the second book in the Twilight saga) was my favorite book. So I wasn't surprised to find that I loved the movie as well. Any complaints, grumblings, innacuracies, and overall-it-just-doesn't-feel-right-or-as-good-as-the-book I felt about the first movie "Twilight" was redeemed by "New Moon", the movie.

Story-wise, I still think Twilight, the book, is the best. But the movie New Moon is the best among the three so far.

I'm not a big fan of sequels, part two's and other such "add-ons". So it takes a lot to convince me that the second book of a story is absolutely necessary. (i.e. It'll be hard to convince me that the movie "Labyrinth" can have a sequel. Although I am curious about the graphic novel Return to Labyrinth.)

What impressed me about Twilight, the first book, is a desire to enter into that imaginary world and experience all the drama and wonder of falling in love with vampires. What impressed me even more about New Moon, the second book, is the possibility of taking a second option, an alternate ending, should Prince Charming decide to have second thoughts and leave the damsel in distress behind (thinking it's for her own good).

I love the feel and the atmosphere in the first movie, and loved even more the pace and improvement in acting in the second one.


What I hate about "Eclipse", the third movie, is that it feels that all the drama is cut short, abrupt, anything to hurry it up to get to the action. (Although it felt like that in the second movie too.) But even the acting of Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart, and worse, even the lovable Taylor Lautner have all dumped their characters and simply acted as themselves. You know the acting in a movie is bad if all you can "see" is the actors spouting lines and pretending (really badly) to be in love or to be vulnerable or fierce, without truly being convincing.

Granted, with all the gossip and daily tidbits about the trio on the news and the gossip shows, it has come to the point that I'd really rather never hear about their personal lives ever again, at least until the last movie is released. Which is, of course, impossible.

Maybe it's because of a personal bias, being Team Jacob and all, which made me lose interest in "Eclipse".

As a fan, I cringe with every single Twilight movie they make. (Not that the books are works of art per se. It's just that the books are juvenile fiction, duh. The least they could do is to make the acting and love story angle a little bit believable and interesting.)

There were some scenes that they did get right in "Eclipse". Spoiler alert: The scene where Edward and Jacob are talking in the tent was pretty cool and pretty much captured the same feeling as the book. Then of course, ruin it why don't you with the fake snow and fake mountain landscape right outside the tent. And with Jacob half-naked and all, duh, of course it had to be fake snow. Couldn't they at least have played a little around with CGI for that?

I kinda knew "Eclipse" and eventually, I assume, "Breaking Dawn" will be like sitting through "Star Wars" 2 and 3. Don't really wanna watch it anymore but have to, as a fan at least. (Not to say that "Star Wars" 2 and 3 didn't have any fun moments, just can't remember anything except for Yoda jumping around.)

Sadly, if I had five stars to rate "Eclipse", it'd be a very poor two stars. One for the scenes they actually got right. And two just for being a Twilight movie. Oh and maybe for seeing Jacob again.

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  1. The best way to enjoy Eclipse is to watch it without any expectations - except probably seeing Taylor Lautner's abs. That's precisely my only expectation. :D

    Oh, and I'm team Jacob too! And NEW MOON is my favorite among the four books!