Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homeschooling --- morning, noon, night

I've been having a tough time teaching Matt the concept of morning, noon and night. Maybe because when I ask him, "What time is it when you wake up?" And of course he answers, "Lunchtime." =p

So had to adjust and say, "Okay, what time does Dada wake up?" And then I got the answer I was looking for, "Morning."


Love these drawings he made on his Science PACE on the activities he does during mornings, during the day time and at night.

The only way I could explain "breakfast" to him is to remind him that we can only order McDonald's breakfast meals when it's morning. Sometimes, he'd ask for a pancake meal during the afternoon or at night and then we explain it's only available in the morning.

After homeschool, he gets his reward --- TV. Wish it was more intellectually stimulating or what most homeschoolers are stereotyped to be. With projects galore and learning crammed into every minute of every single day. But no. TV is what Matt chooses to spend the rest of the afternoon and most of the night on.

Can't really belittle the benefits of TV too much. After all, he learned most of his smartness pre-homeschooling via Playhouse Disney. And we can't really complain when we've discovered awesome shows like "Avatar: The Last Airbender" on Nickelodeon. (Still don't want to watch the movie, by the way. The bad reviews just confirm my hunch that it won't live up to how cool the cartoon is. But Matt of course wants to watch it.)

Lately, father and son have been playing chess after AR comes home. Matt has seen me playing and cursing the computer every time I'm waiting for a slow download and playing chess on it.

But he's always been interested in board games. Sadly, AR and I just don't have much patience with them. (Maybe memories of how competitive my older brother traumatized me of ever playing again.)

I'm so glad that AR and Matt have discovered a love for chess. And Matt's getting good at it too. He beat the computer several times already. But I don't think AR's taking it as easy on him.

Fun homeschooling day.

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