Friday, July 16, 2010

Lost in Austen (2008)


Lost in Austen (2008) leaves me with one word: Brilliant!

This TV series is like "Alice in Wonderland", "The Tenth Kingdom", "Shrek", "Narnia" (according to Mom), and "Coraline" (according to AR) all rolled into one. Yep, that speaks pretty highly about it since these movies/series are some of my favorites.

I love that this series pushes the characters of "Pride and Prejudice" to be more than they can be and gives them a little more "spunk", thanks to the inspiration of a modern character, Amanda Price.

After getting lost in Austen, reading her books and watching the movies, it seems like a tradition for me to destroy my concept of tradition. That's what this series does. And it does it in a way that's more than just silly satire.

It asks real questions and seeks answers too: What would the characters do if they indeed were not so restricted by what was proper in society? After all, the Bennett family was already considered as beneath respectable society --- a family with no name, no rich fortune or dowry for the girls, and no respectable rich relatives to protect them or sponsor them.

The series also tries to show the male and female characters as more than human, with real wants and desires, sometimes all too human and sometimes all too shocking. (See what they did with Caroline Bingley's character.)

It's kinda funny that all the men start to fall in love with a modern girl, to the point of being blinded from their true love or at least with the girls they end up in the story.

I love how George Wickham's character is redeemed and, although he has less scruples than the perfect Mr. Darcy, turns out to be a lovable and worthy rival to Mr. Darcy.

In the end, I'm left with this food for thought: Similar to the movie "Stranger than Fiction", do you persevere and stick to the story so as to produce a classic? Or do you push boundaries, question your very own heroes, and realize that maybe an alternate ending may not end up as a classic in the traditional sense, but prove to be a worthy story to tell as well?

This series proves true that, indeed, we can stand on the shoulders of giants.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars!

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  1. Lost in Austen did a truly brilliant job of injecting some modern life into a classic, well known story. I too thought it was interesting to ponder whether she should stick to the script or follow her heart.

    Great review. Loved the show too.