Monday, July 26, 2010

President Noynoy Aquino's State of the Nation Address


In my 32 years, I have never sat through one President's State of the Nation Address. Maybe because, as a parent, you want to listen to those promises because it's not so much for you but for your child and their generation. Maybe because it is after all the son of a beloved ex-President and a would-have-been brilliant President.

Ninoy Aquino was assasinated when he was 50 years old. Now, it is his son who is the new President of the Republic of the Philippines at 50 years old.


And, as wrong as it sounds to say this about a President's State of the Nation Address, our President kicks ass!

Before saying anything else, do watch the entire speech HERE.

Getting straight to the point, President Noynoy or PNoy as people have nicknamed him, tackled the issues we needed to hear: the budget, the money we owe, the true state of the nation, for after all, that is the name of the speech.

With such dismal and heartbreaking figures, I felt my heart sinking as PNoy cited the different anomalies in expenditures, the waste of resources, the questionable budget allotment of funds which are supposed to go to the people. And it's not a pretty picture.

I had no idea how he was going to go from there. But even as I was wallowing in self-pity for our poor beleagured country, he was already talking about changes which are underway, people who are actually working and doing their job, and people who want to help in any way they can.

Maybe it is human nature to doubt what sounds too good to be true. But even PNoy cites that "there are people who don't want us to succeed. Because that will mean they can get back into power and continue in their corrupt ways."

It is the first time I saw a leader standing there in front of all those bored-looking officials and dignitaries sitting in their formal wear. Maybe it would have been better for PNoy to have delivered the State of the Nation Address at Qurino Grandstand to the masses who, for once, were the primary concern of a President's speech.

God bless Pnoy. God bless the Philippines. And may all these beautiful dreams and actions towards a Philippines we can finally be proud of succeed!

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