Monday, July 12, 2010



We left the condo right after Matt drank his latest antibiotics at 6 pm. I was hoping we'd be able to make it to the next/last mass at the chapel over at SM Megamall.

Although we were even early for the 6:30 pm mass, not only was the chapel already full of people, I also found out that the mass was in Tagalog. No problem for me and AR, but with a hyper little 6-year-old who can't even sit through an English mass, that'd definitely be a problem.

So we had to content ourselves with a visit to the Adoration Chapel.

Megamall's Adoration Chapel is one of my favorite chapels. It's beautiful, spacious, solemn and simple. It invites you to stay a while and to have an earnest talk with Him.

I really want to catch the Children's Mass at 4 pm on Saturdays there. It's the next best thing to the Sunday School over at CCF in St. Francis Square during Sunday mornings. Although I highly suspect Sunday School will just be like his everyday Bible study lessons in homeschool.

It's the start of a new week today, as I write this, because it's already 1:21 am.

And, as usual, I'm struggling to catch up already. Even though I did manage to clean the master's bedroom and the balcony last week, there's still the rest of the condo unit to clean. It feels like as soon as you finish one room, even before you move on to the next, the last room you cleaned is already layered with a thin layer of dust.

It would be ideal but impossible for me to do daily cleaning, as much as I'd like to. I'm so anal that I have to do a thorough sweep of a room, from ceiling to floor to every nook and cranny.

And preparing brunch/merienda (snack), washing clothes and homeschool always have to take precedence over anything so cleaning usually comes last.

Sometimes, I sit in Matt's room after we've finished homeschool and think and brood and mope and get overwhelmed.

Being a mom and homeschooler is not for the faint-hearted. Not to say that I'm particularly brave, hardly. It's just that you have to have something stronger than yourself to rely on. For me and a lot of homeschoolers, it's FAITH.

But faith without action is dead. So we prepare as best as we can, get up, get through the day's chores and fulfill as much of our responsibilites as we can.

I never knew what it was to walk by faith so much as I do now.

Finances are always tight, homeschooling doesn't always go smoothly because life usually keeps interrupting (whether it's travel, moving to a new home or getting sick), the condo is always a mess. And yet we wake up the next day to deal with the same responsibilities day in and day out.

But God is good. AR and I are blessed with wonderful families who always support us and encourage us. Matt is THE happiest and most sociable little kid we've ever seen and he's also the sweetest.

And, most of all, we have a loving Father who always watches over us and listens to us and gives us daily miracles and blessings.

Life is not easy. We have to deal with whatever hand we're dealt with. But with faith, hope, and love, anything is possible. And the most beautiful things begin to unfold in our lives.

Praise be to God.

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  1. Very well said Nins. God is really good...ALL THE TIME. Nice to know that Matt is well now. You are doing the right thing when you are overwhelmed - PRAY.
    AM also praying for the 3 of you.God bless you 3 always.