Friday, August 6, 2010

The saddest news in the world


I never got to meet Scott, Vicki or Queen Kat's dad in person. But it did feel that I had.

Vicki and Scott's mom Bev (Vicki's grandma) have been my best friends for a while now. Even though we've never met in person, they have opened up their hearts to me via emails, letters, gorgeous cards, and being incredibly generous with both moral support and the addiction that is scrapbooking.

I write to Bev like I do to my own grandmother. She's a very lovely person who has travelled and had adventures and is incredbly talented too.

Vicki is just the sweetest person. For someone so young, I always feel younger when I talk to her. She has had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders and has had to grow up faster than most people. I love her dearly as a friend and even as inspiration when I'm complaining too much about my uneventful life.

Scott means the world to them and their family.

And my heart is breaking for all of them.

May God bless and welcome his son Scott Douglas home. And may He also send his angels to watch over the ones he leaves behind.

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