Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!

Love making stuff for Halloween even if we don't (traditionally) celebrate it in the Philippines.



By Nina Pateña

Stamps: Jerseys Stamp Set, Howl Stamp Set from Queen Kat Designs

Kits: Purple People Eater Mixed Media Color Kit, Black Out Mixed Media Color Kit from Gauche Alchemy

When our family was in Taiwan, I saw these Twilight books in Chinese. And although I wasn't a fan yet, I kinda knew all the hype about it. It wasn't until I came back to the Philippines when my brother lent me the Twilight video that I got hooked hook, line and sinker.


Matt was a knight in last year's clubhouse Halloween Party. This year, he wanted to be a soldier but we just couldn't bear to let go (yet) of our no guns in the house policy.

Technique: Cut out a tree from a transparency. Place over patterned paper and paint over with black acrylic paint. Remove transparency. Voila. Instant tree.

Now bring on the skulls, crossbones and pumpkins!

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  1. love your work Nina!! collage, vintage, shabby... all in one!:)