Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 5


About this's time to ask yourself:
Am I making the most of every minute? every day? every week?

And I say:
to become your best self.


I'm really hoping this is not a downward spiral I'm on. But I know I did accomplish a whole lot in the first 5 days of the 21-Day Challenge with Rhonna Farrer.

Today meant REST for me.

Took a break, still did a few workbook pages with Matt, still watched what I ate. But mustered up the strength to finally go grocery-shopping tonight and finish washing as much of the dishes as I could so that tomorrow's food preparation will be easier.

Indulged in a cup of ice cream cake. Still no rice or bread or pasta. Bought high-fiber crackers in lieu of bread. Got a big ball of cabbage to make into nilaga. (Have to remember to ask AR to buy another chicken for adobo.)

Taking a break and resting for Day 6.

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  1. Hang in there girl!!!!! We can do this...I know it.