Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Matt's Halloween costume 2010

Pardon the blurry images. These are the only ones that show his complete costume in full view. The rest of them were more of his "pose like Capt. Rex" (from Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons). For the unfamiliar, like me, in the cartoons, the clones are still part of the good guys.

P.S. The light saber, he says, he stole from the bad guys. =p Apparently, even if you aren't a Jedi or a Sith, you can still use a lightsaber, just not build one.

Slightly ticked off at the Target commercial dissing mom's handmade Iron Man costume. (Find it on YouTube.)

But well, if the original costume cost P2,000, there was definitely no way we were going to buy a costume he's probably going to wear only once. (Still sad not to be able to use his store-bought knight costume from last year again.) Although with the effort and everything that went into the costume, it felt like we spent around the same amount. =p Di bale, we had a ton of fun naman.

This Capt. Rex costume is made of:
* 1 soldier helmet (old) painted, attached with a paper mache on top, AR drew lines using Sharpies
* 1 shield (old) painted, attached black electric tape, AR drew lines using a black Sharpie
* shelf liner (old) cut into an oval shape with a hole for the head, painted, applied black electric tape, and adhered blue foam
* 1 black cloth belt (old), attached white foam and black foam with brads
* 1 camisa de chino
* 1 jogging pants (has a basketball logo on the front so Matt had to wear it front to back)
* kneepads, elbow pads and hand grips set
* 1 mask and lightsaber set for P250

Oh and Matt was my little assistant in painting everything that needed to be painted.

It was an exhausting and frantic week since they just had to announce the Halloween party at the beginning of the week! But it was a ton of fun. Will definitely miss this.

Matt was so into his costume, at first, even if he was perspiring like crazy during the party, he didn't want to remove any part of his costume. But, thankfully, he eventually did. And he absolutely refuses to throw out anything we made, crafts or costume.

Thanks to Nanong and Mom for babysitting Matt when we attended the 3rd Philippine Homeschool Conference the morning before the party, and for babysitting the house while we attended the Halloween party. Love you guys! P.S. Thanks, Mom, for the kneepads set!


  1. Good job Nina! Nothing beats a very creative, lovingly done, homemade costume.

    And the time spent working on it as a family is just priceless.

  2. How fun Nina, glad you made some awesome memories together. Happy happies.