Monday, December 20, 2010

Peace to all and wishing everyone a blessed season

It has been a rollercoaster ride for our little family of three. In the past six years, we have been through moving to four different homes (not including an almost 2-year stay at a hotel in Taiwan); homeschooling; sickness and sickness and sickness; blessings; miracles; gifts; sadness; cherished memories.

Personally, I've gone through these different emotions as a mom -- bliss, terror, joy, peace, sadness, depression, worry, faith.

I was watching Britney Spears' Off the Record bio story yesterday of all things and what struck me was something Madonna (who had invited Britney to guest in her concert) said (along the lines of): I think we all live our lives randomly until we reach a point when we look back and ask ourselves, "What was I thinking?" You find out that there is some purpose to everything in the universe, the mistakes you made, that there are no mistakes, only opportunities to grow up.

My life has not been as exciting or as paparazzi-crazy as Britney's. In fact, we live a simple, humble, quiet life.

And despite everything, all the pain, the sadness, the crazy moments, I still thank God He gave me not one but two beautiful people in my life to call my own. Our relationship is not perfect, in fact we've been on edge a lot of days because of the stress and worry over Matt's ever-colorful health.

But still, the grace and mercy of God is the only thing that keeps us here.

So I just wanted to wish everyone a blissful, peaceful Christmas season. Christmas is not "Christ"mas without our Savior, Friend, and 24/7 (in fact before we were even born) Personal Guardian Angel, Creator and Maker.

It has been hard to remember what Christmas is about with so many things occupying my thoughts and perpetual rushing about.

Even with this hardship, I'm thankful I'm forced to keep still and remember what this season is all about.

Thank You, God.

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