Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why we homeschool

This is still one of the toughest questions I have had to answer. Maybe because I'm always paranoid at how the person asking it is going to react.

Fact is: Most people are comfortable with regular school. Most people know nothing about homeschool but everything about regular school. They went to school. They sent their kids to school. They see their neighbors' kids being picked up by a yellow bus every morning.

People react different ways when I say we homeschool. Some applaud our family, but would never try it themselves or would immediately convince us that Matt would be so much happier in a regular school. Some are outright against it, maybe because they've never heard of such a thing. Some are genuinely happy because they're going through the exact same thing and are struggling right along with us with homeschooling.

Truth is: Homeschooling is an act of love. It's not always easy, it requires patience, patience, patience and patience. And, yes, there are days I ask myself, "Have I ruined my child's hope for a bright future because we made the mistake of homeschooling him?"

What keeps us going: Faith. My husband and I grew up in the same city, went to the same university, but never met. In college, he went to a religious gathering a stone's throw away from my house but we never met. Then, when we were already working, his friend and my friend (who were going out) decided to pair us up. Our friends broke up a long time ago, but my husband and I have been married for 8 years. What brought us together? Faith.

It was pretty much the same for us when it came to homeschooling. My husband, who works in the airline industry, was going to work abroad for a month. And if Matt had been enrolled in regular school, we would both be coming home to an empty house save for the two of us while hubby was abroad. My husband suggested homeschooling. We had read about Bo Sanchez's testimony to homeschooling but found a homeschool curriculum provider in Paranaque where we used to live.

Two years later, we're still here. It has taken us a good two years to adjust to homeschooling and learning to customize, improve, even replace parts of the curriculum we've been working on. And it hasn't been easy.

Part of me feels like we've just come from a long war and are now returning home.

So do I have any regrets, worries, paranoia that I've ruined my child's future for good? Absolutely. Every single day.

But with faith and love, we're still here. And we're moving forward. Wish us luck and may you also be guided in finding the right learning environment for you and your child.

God is good. He will never let us down. God bless!


  1. I think judging you for your schooling preference is an act of ignorance. Only you knows what's best for your kid because only you understand the circumstances that you are in. Traditional school may work best for some, but homeschooling may be better for some. Don't let people's reactions dampen your spirits. Just do what you believe is best for your son.

    I actually applaud you for your choice. I know it is not easy. So just hang in there. And when Matt reaches a certain age when you feel that he needs to be transfered to regular school, then by all means, go ahead and do it. Again, you alone knows what's best for your son.

    Cheering you on, and praying for you Nina! :D


  2. I totally agree with Alby! In the end, all that will matter is what you think is best and that you stand by that decision. Not everyone is "fit" for homeschooling, and I commend your courage, determination and patience in coping, dealing, braving, facing and overcoming it. I think it requires more than a 100% and by the way Mat is growing (as I "see" and "hear" from your posts), you are on the right path. Just continue on and persevere. And as you said, be guided by your faith and use it for whatever decisions you make in the future.

  3. Hiya!! I would love to homeschool my son and i really wish i could without social services butting their noses in.
    I take my hat off to you and respect your patience and hard work and your faith!!

    Nat xox

  4. Hi Nina, I totally agree that you & AR should be the one to decide what's best for your family. Just pray that you will be guided, have faith in what the Lord tells you in prayer & be happy. Miss you 3. Take care always.

  5. My kid is only 3yo. Honestly, I am undecided. It scares me to think that I will screw up if I do homeschool. But I'm reading a lot. The more I learn, the more it makes me determined to homeschool. We've only been doing toddler school for 3 months and already I am seeing a lot of improvement. Kids are like sponges!