Monday, May 16, 2011


I also recently caught "Paprika" on the Hero channel. Loved it. It reminded me a lot of Hayao Miyazaki's work.

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Official site HERE.

Here's the trailer:


P.S. It's May 20. I just watched "Paprika" again. I was just going to skim through it, much like how we skim through our favorite books, finding random things here and there on why we fell in love with it.

I don't want to give much away if you haven't seen it.

But I wanted to remind myself of what it's message was for me, this time around.

It's never too late to go after your dreams. Even if it's a simple step of buying a ticket to a movie after you haven't enjoyed one in a while.

It's those little steps that are important.

Just keep taking those little steps towards your dreams.

In the end, dreams are flexible. They do come true if you keep taking those steps. It just may take on another form or be something completely unexpected.

A failed attempt at romance can live on in a story. A dream you always had as a kid can turn into something else.

When I was 11 years old, I wanted to grow up and be a private investigator, like Nancy Drew. When an aunt laughed at my dream, saying I'd end up investigating philandering husbands, I knew I had to change my dream into something more realistic. I scratched out "P.I. (private investigator)" in the slumbooks my classmates used to circulate around the classroom and wrote "writer".

In high school, in an effort to rebel against always being labelled a "writer", I said "marine biologist".

I love that a really good story creates a dream world you get lost in. I got the inspiration of "marine biologist" from a really cool love story (a "trashy" romance novel, as my Mom used to call them) I'd read at that time.

You can be anything in dreams. And if you're lucky and you have a gift to create those magical, beautiful worlds, whether as a writer, filmmaker, artist, or even someone brilliant like creating a machine that saves lives or invent the lightbulb (a more efficient one by Tesla), or live a simple life like being a mom, you get to create different, magical worlds which are part of the great, majestic human dream: Of changing lives, of creating a better world.

Paraphrasing my favorite quote from the movie "Contact": We humans are capable of such beautiful dreams. And such horrible nightmares.

So why choose the nightmares?


Matt was very serious tonight as he lay down beside me and said: "Maybe I shouldn't try to build spaceships when I'm older anymore."

Surprised, I answered instinctively, "If you really want it, you have to make it happen. You have to study science and math. You need to learn a lot of things, to make things."

He cheered up and said: "Okay, tomorrow, can we do science and math only in homeschool?"

I told him we were doing workbooks instead. But maybe we should do something else.

Found this tonight: SCIENCE E-CAMP.

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