Monday, July 11, 2011

Belated happy birthday, Mike

My younger brother, Mike, recently celebrated his 32nd birthday. Belated happy birthday, Mike!

And my first ever published layout in a book is this one. (Kindly click on the photo below to enlarge.)

This photo was taken at a corporate event at Mike's old job. When I saw this photo someone had taken of him, I realized I'd never really seen this side of my brother.

(And p.s., yes, I informed Memory Makers that the photo is not mine and they said it was okay. I tried as much as I could to find out who took the photo, so if you're seeing this and this is your photo, just wanted to let you know I used it in a layout.)

Thanks to Gauche Alchemy for the cool blue embellishments plus the foreign text page!

Anyway, this is the book:

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  1. I got my copy and saw your page! Congrats Nina!!