Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recent stuff

Three layouts I made last night:

I love tumblr. 'nuff said.

Matt has been attending Sunday School with me for about three Sundays now. He loves it. I'm so grateful that the CCF (Christ's Commission Fellowship) community have this. I attended Sunday School as a child. And I didn't love it the way Matt does. But I am so grateful to be able to attend the worship every Sunday again. We haven't really gone to mass for so long, waiting until Matt will be able to fully appreciate what the mass truly means. Like me, I hope that he will learn to appreciate and grow in faith with both Sunday School and mass later on.

My mom's mother, whom we call Mama, was in the hospital last year. I spent my 32nd birthday with her in her room in the hospital. I didn't want to take a photo of her while she was so weak and sleeping. But when I brought Matt, he was fascinated with the little pond in front of the hospital, so I took photos of the fish instead. Basically, it made me realize that no matter how we're supposedly ready for whatever happens to Mama, since she is now 99 years old, I will forever be the little girl who used to run to her whenever I needed someone.


  1. Hi, Nina!!! Love, love, love your layouts!!!! It's so sad that I haven't I haven't been scrapping lately. My scrapping mojo seems to be on an indefinite leave that's why I love seeing your layouts. Hope I can get back soon.....but no hurry though...

  2. Great pages Nina- good to see you are back in the saddle again- yay! Love the last page- it's hugely touching and the fish are a great metaphor for your feelings- I think it's hugely creative and brave. Hugs!