Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Taipei Zoo

Matt said he wanted to see the zoo again so off we went last weekend. We took the bus to the Taipei Main Station and took the Gondola Ride for the first time (the last time we were here, it got damaged because of the typhoon).

Taipei Main Station

Inside the Taipei Main Station on a Sunday during one of the last weekends of summer.

After maneuvering inside the train station, you hop on the blue line of the MRT and take the Taipei Zoo Station. A short walk gets you to the entrance to the Gondola Ride. You can get these tokens for the ride. (Still can't get over how tall Matt looks beside his Dada.)

The gondola car. We never got to see what the crystal cabin (glass floor) looks like. But we were perfectly fine of not seeing the floor, thank you. See below.

View from the gondola. It was a long and exhilirating ride to the Taipei Zoo South Station. But I'm just glad we couldn't see the view below our feet.

We got off the Taipei Zoo South entrance and got on one of these trains down to the Birds part of the zoo. The zoo is divided into birds, African animals, an insectarium, a kiddie zoo, etc.

Some of the animals:

Giant turtle. Or is it porpoise?

The kiddie part of the zoo near the entrance had a lot of bunnies. There was actually a third bunny on the other side of the gray and white one on the left.

Mr. Sloth.

Mr. Owl.

Pink flamingos.

The real stars of the Taipei Zoo are the penguins and the pandas. Sadly, both were kinda shy in having their photos taken.

Colorful sign for the areas of the zoo.

Matt's still in love with beetles. Although he's still kind of scared of this giant statue.

It was a long and hot trek through the zoo, which is integrated into the side of a small mountain/s. Every so often, there is a pit stop with vendo machines, restrooms, picnic tables, and these rain water pumps.

Bus station beside the Taipei Main Station.

Going back to Toayuan just meant retracing our footsteps minus the Gondola Ride. Walked back to the MRT Taipei Zoo Station then back to the Taipei Main Station where we get our bus back to Taoyuan.

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