Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Taoyuan is like

Convenience stores -- Hi-Life, 7/11, and Family Mart -- almost at every corner.

We're staying right smack in the heart of the commercial area. And right below the hotel are the Pinoy convenience stores and a restaurant is a canteen/karaoke bar.

Duck noodle soup at a nearby mall's food court.

Matt's default food place -- this, McDonald's and Yoshinoya. I'm happy to report though that he is trying new foods, like the fried rice in the nearby mall's food court.

Street food cart.

It was kind of overwhelming and scary to see so many signs yet not be able to understand anything. But the hotel provides a map of the nearby establishments and there are a lot of familiar stores like Baleno, Giordano, Watsons, McDonald's, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, etc. The malls carry all the expensive brand names.

Typical Saturday afternoon traffic. Scooters everywhere. Transportation is really accessible since Taoyuan is like the next big city to Taipei. It's kind of intimidating to go around by taxi or bus as most drivers don't speak English. So Matt and I explore the area on foot. And we only know the buses that go to Taipei.

There are a lot of temples. I think this is the oldest one. This is the beautiful entryway to the courtyard of the temple.

The oldest temple in Taoyuan, I think.

They also have a lot of parks. This one is our favorite since there's a playground nearby, there are giant beetles painted along one wall, and because of the windmills. We have no idea what they're for though.

Taipei is around 30-45 minutes away by train or by bus. This is the area inside the mall directly underneath the Taipei 101 tower, right outside the Page One bookstore.

Father and son have been obsessed with Angry Birds, the game for android phones. And we have been on the hunt for them here. We found these giant stuffed toys in the toy store in the Taipei 101 mall.

Taipei 101 at night. It used to be the tallest building in the world before they built the current holder of that title, Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


  1. hi Nina...though I'ved been to Taiwan many times now, I still have the same feeling as you that I never understand all the many street signs... well, hopefully I get to understand them soon. Just lucky to have friends along with me that who could understand the language so I don't have any problems when I'm with them. anyway, I miss Taiwan so much and I want to get back there soon... Were you able to go up Taipei101? it's nice up there! what my friends and & I enjoyed there the most aside from the scenery was the photo section. we were laughing our hearts out with the poses.LOL! anyway, enjoy your stay there...there's more to explore!

  2. I like to eat a lot of foods are sold in street because it will help support those who work honestly.