Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Studio Azul layouts

Tin of Studio Azul was generous enough to host a PinoyScrapbookers EB at her home just before I left for Taiwan; and I was lucky enough to be able to attend.

She generously provided some old Studio Azul kits we could play with. At least I was able to attend a mini-Scrap Buffet even though I missed the real one.

Here are two of the three layouts I made that day. (The third one was a layout of Lee's son, Diego, when he was still a toddler.)

This was a first for me: scrapping without any photos, as I didn't bring any photos to use. So these two layouts pretty much lay about without photos until recently.

I unearthed one of Matt's early Great Image studio photos, along with a film strip of our group shots.

This used to be a tradition I insisted on -- to have our photos taken before the end of year -- since we rarely have photos of the three of us together in one shot. But somehow, along the years, we've forgotten to do so.

Methinks it's a nice tradition to resurrect.

My high school classmate, Ma-Anne, and I got together after reuniting on Facebook. (Ahh, the marvels of technology.) And we met up in Megamall around April last year.

Aside from being a wonderful singer, Ma-Anne has now developed photography as another accomplishment. This was my favorite shot of hers when she did an impromptu photoshoot of Matt that day.

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  1. These pages are GREAT- I really like the design and how you pulled in different textures for each page. LOVE that first page!