Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some layouts...

Hard to believe that AR and I will be celebrating 10 years together this year. As I wrote in my journaling, it only feels like it's been a day.

One of Matt's pet peeves @ 7 years old: being called a "baby", especially by strangers. He feels like he's all grown up. His current interests: playground bonding time with his friends every single day, Spongebob 24/7, Angry Birds, PC/android games.

The photo on the right is one he took of himself with AR's old camera phone back in 2008.

This is an old layout that I finally put the finishing touches on, after I finished the ones above.

It started with the photo. It was when the printer was conking out of ink. I decided to salvage the photo by tracing the visible lines with a pen.


  1. Love all three- the water color looks AMAZING!!! Love what you did with the street photo on the last page- the black outlines really take it to a new illustrative level. Happy anniversary to you and the hubs- you guys make a great looking couple!