Friday, August 17, 2012

Music and Tumblr

It's been a while since I've put in a decent entry. I guess it's easier just to re-post stuff on Tumblr or let the lyrics in a music video tell how I feel.

I've been hiding out at home. Yep, burrowed my head in the sand like any good ostrich.

I've even let myself go down the slippery slope of memory and reminiscing about what it was like when I was 22 and was a lonely Masters student in Buffalo, NY.

I don't know if I'm finally ready to come back to reality. I just know that some things are better left in memory and left well and good and alone.

I'm praying reality isn't that cruel anymore. And that it doesn't hit me like a snowstorm after a sunny day. Or, like what the recent weather has been, endless trudgery of rain and floods.

I'm desperately clinging to music for my sanity, as I always have, earphones at the ready to cut off the world.

I'm not completely okay yet. I know that. But maybe, just maybe, after having escaped from reality for a while, I'm a little braver to face it.

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