Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art journal for Singapore

So I grabbed this old watercolor paper sketchbook that I had been thinking I could tear out the pages, alter them, then stitch them back together as a journal. What I always hated was the fact that the binding on the sketchbook was already the ring binding I wanted, but that it had such a flimsy cover.
Since I'm already in Singapore and I need an art journal ASAP, I figured I could just adhere the first page to the flimsy cover, thus having a more respectable, sturdier cover.

But, yeah, the cover definitely needed improvement, so I slapped on some patterned paper.

Then embellished some more. And, voila, I have an art journal for our Singapore trip.

I love the 7Gypsies sticker words that were already next to each other, but seemed appropriate: "random spontaneous crossroads". Then, below it, I added "take time". It reminded me of those fridge magnet poetry kits they used to sell with random words in it.

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