Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party

Last Saturday, November 24, was the much-awaited and incredibly fun Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party. And it was definitely worth the wait.

Hey Kessy went all out in decorating the venue, Pipino Vegetarian restaurant, on top of Pino Resto Bar along Malingap Street in Quezon City.

There were several tables, each with a theme, like this one, which was my favorite. The typewriter keys were decorated with washi tape. Inside the kits, wrapped in cloth, is a box with kraft paper sets inside. Then the bunch of papers beside the typewriter could be folded and made into a mini notebook. (I'm saving mine to use the papers themselves in an art journal.) You can use the sewing machine to sew the papers together.

A buffet-style setting with wrapped gifts and wooden spoon and fork sets decorated with washi tape. The paper napkins were bound with kraft paper decorated with more washi tape. Pretty straws available from the Hey Kessy store were also on display.

The supplies station! Lots of visual yumminess and play materials.

This is my kit. I had to choose the one with pretty bird tape design.

I've had this journal forever and never managed to finish it. The atmosphere at the party was so creative and friendly that it inspired me to just have fun.

The postcard on the left, the quote, stamped cloth, and small tag were all materials from the party. I also had to use the eight washi tape rolls that came with the party fee.

I just love the "keep calm and carry on" design! Love, love, love it.

So, it was a fun and creative Saturday afternoon, full of friendly crafters and just incredibly creative people. The food was yummy, the projects each crafter made were all so cute and inspiring, and Hey Kessy, you so rock. Thank you so much for a wonderful crafty afternoon!

For details on how I made this journal, check out my post HERE.

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