Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boracay Photos (Warning: Photo bombardment ahead)

It's hard to believe we were only in Boracay for 2 days. But we did try to make the most of it.

My first impression of Boracay after seeing it again after so many years (before I was married, 10 years ago) was that it was kinda overcrowded. Even the ocean was overcrowded.

But it was still the prettiest place ever.

Air Phil Express gave our seats away since it was a long weekend. We had to wait for the next morning to get to Kalibo, which we didn't mind so much since we figured we wouldn't miss out on much if we arrived at Kalibo at night. But now I wish we had that extra night in Boracay.

As I said, crowded. You couldn't walk down the street of White Beach without someone offering henna tattoos, boat rides, even a free lunch to a newly-opened resort.

The food in the places we tried weren't really spectacular. And the prices were typical beach resto prices. We did love that nearly every place offered free wifi. Hence, our Facebook statuses were always up-to-date.

There were these kids who were making sand sculptures. Gorgeous work. You could pay them to make one with your name on it.

I found myself looking for souvenirs most of the time but didn't really get anything but a blue beaded bracelet and a black bracelet with the word "Boracay" on it (which I later on gave to my brother since he did pay for it).

The shallow part of the water had green stuff, algae, I think. But it was nice that they banned smoking from a decent distance from the shore, plus the beach was clean.

Pretty souvenirs, mostly beaded bracelets and pearls, shell and wooden ornaments, knicknacks, and keychains.

I miss Boracay already. Christmas is going to be boring compared to the highlight of being at the beach.

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