Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dear Jesus

Happy birthday. Even though it's Your day, I'm sorry to say that I'm more focused on the bad things that are happening around as well as the painful things that happened to me this year.

I know now how lost we are without You. And that our pride and selfishness are what make us suffer.

No matter how much I hurt, I know so many people around me and around the world hurt a hell of a lot more.

I pray for myself and the people who hurt too much to pray.

I pray for the same thing I've been asking from You since I was eight years old: world peace. I also react the same way I did then, realizing how futile such a wish is, but there is always hope and faith that You will lead us into Your arms when the time comes.

Lord, take the wheel. In Filipino, bahala na po Kayo. (Everything is up to You.)

We love You, Lord.


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