Thursday, February 7, 2013

Homeschool curricula online

I found these sites which mention FREE and/or CHEAP homeschooling curriculum links online:

Free Online Homeschooling

Full Online Homeschool Curriculum Options

Cheap Homeschooling

Personally, I've found that I don't just use one curriculum for everything we need in homeschooling. It doesn't hurt to compare and use different curriculum to find what you want to concentrate on for your child.

And although the curriculum itself may be available for free, unfortunately, you still have to find the books and/or workbooks that some of these curricula use.

For sites that have the curriculum plus the materials, i. e. educational videos and worksheets, these are two websites I've been exploring lately.

Head of the Class

Khan Academy

And just to make sure I have a general overview of what my son Matt is supposed to be learning by year/grade level, I've found these sites helpful:

Head of the Class

Free World U - Download free curriculum HERE.

One final note: Although it's tempting to go at homeschooling on your own, do make sure to check the homeschooling requirements and laws in your particular country and/or state.

In the Philippines, it is still advisable to be enrolled in a duly-accredited homeschool curriculum provider. And if you decide to go at homeschooling on your own, there is the option to have your child take the government exam later on to see if he passes his grade/year level. But, as a note of warning, some homeschoolers have problems with these exams and/or even whom to talk to at the Department of Education regarding homeschooling in general.

So, please make sure to weigh your options carefully. Best of luck and God bless.

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