Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 Geeks

Why, yes, there is a Darth Pig from the Angry Birds Star Wars collection at Toy Kingdom.

AR and Matt were looking at the window display of the model shop at Megamall. Of course they totally ignored the bicycle shop right beside it. Even though I think a bike would benefit Matt so much more than another tank or another airplane.

Matt's into WWII airplanes lately. Why? Because of yet another computer game.

Both AR and I grew up running around in the street and riding bikes and playing Filipino games like "patintero" or "langit-lupa". In fairness, Matt DID play langit-lupa at school yesterday as part of his PE class. Thing is, I found him crying right after 'coz he couldn't tag the other kids because they stayed too long in langit. I expect this will only drive him further into his computer/tablet/PS Vita games. (Why the heck does he have all these gadgets?)

Sigh. How times have changed.

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