Friday, September 27, 2013

Good advice

Why do we give away our power?

Maybe 'coz we're human. We want someone else to see how wonderful we are. Secretly, when we're being kind, gentle, and just plain honest with ourselves, we know how special we are. Heck, if you have any form of faith, you can see yourself the way God wanted you to see yourself.

Loving yourself and putting yourself first is not a bad thing. You need that. You need to learn to love yourself. After all, after everything is said and done, you will have to live with yourself for the rest of your life.

Thing is, sometimes, we get to pick the people we give power over us, and sometimes we don't. That's the strange thing about love, friendship, and life's little disappointments, and ups and downs. Sometimes, we get to pick. Sometimes, we feel it even when we don't want it.

The best feeling, of course, is when you WANT to feel the way you are feeling.

But the reality check? The bottomline? It's that people will disappoint you. You will want to build so many beautiful dreams with them. You will want them to make all your dreams come true.

Now, if it's so hard to do it for ourselves, how can other people even get excited about our dreams about them?

So, the point being, when you're alone and by yourself: LOVE YOURSELF. Set your own goals and try to build on your own dreams.

You can love people, sure, but learn to put a fence around your heart. Sometimes, if you're lucky, one or two or three special people can come in... But, truth be told, even they will disappoint you.

It's human nature. We can't be two people dwelling in two bodies, right? It's just that sometimes, you wish it were true and you can almost believe it is true. Talks about soulmates and all that will make you believe that. And, maybe, if you're one of the very rare and lucky ones, you have that or had it or will have it. And I envy you.

We're all just trying to get by, I guess. Trying to believe in our beautiful dreams without needing other people to tell us our dreams are foolish or unrealistic, or trying to grind our nose in the business of daily life and responsibilities.

But that's why dreamers and the real world have a hard time co-existing, I guess.

Meantime, dreamer, dream on.


“Someday we'll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me” 
― Paul Williams

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  1. Hear hear. Exactly my situation at the moment. And you are 100% correct- how many times will I give away my power? No more. This girl's boots just been put on. She's walking.