Sunday, September 29, 2013

I made a new friend

I have two collections: Sesame Street and Star Wars.

These are my favorite characters from Sesame Street: Kermit, the Count, Oscar the Grouch. Now all I'm missing is Mr. Snuffleafagus. Thing is, I liked Mr. Snuffleafagus when everybody thought Big Bird made him up. It was wonderful for me as a child to think that Big Bird had such a wonderful imagination to come up with such a cool imaginary friend.

Take note: This is just MY collection. Matt and AR have their own collection of Star Wars (and of course, Star Trek) memorabilia. Sigh. To think I lost so much of my collection through the years.

I started collecting Star Wars stuff when I was in Buffalo, NY back in 2000-2001. Pizza Hut had those tumblers with the character toppers and toys with their meals. They were promotional items they launched with the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I remember hating the fact that I was the ONLY ONE among my relatives in Buffalo who was even remotely excited about there being a new Star Wars movie. Apart from parts IV-VI, I think part I competes as my favorite Star Wars movie.

P.S. Doh. Forgot to take a photo of my R2-D2 stamps from Jollibee.

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