Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On a good day...

... things don't really change. You have to get up to do the same things.

But, the trick, I guess, is simple:

1. Rest when you're tired. And take all the time you need, when you can.

2. Keep moving. I read this line in a comic book once: "Things don't fall apart because they're moving. Things fall apart because they stay utterly still."

3. Be grateful. No take-out today. Yep, the food is unhealthy. But I'm grateful we have food on the table and, for some reason, we're always short but we always have just enough.

I am grateful for books and things that bring us joy. I am happy we have a place to let our inner child play.

I am grateful for the mess. I am grateful for the unfolded clothes. I am grateful for the toys scattered everywhere. I am even grateful for the sofa cushion that keeps sliding down.

This is us. This is our life. We are real. We live, we laugh, we cry. And the mess is evidence of that.

I am grateful for our washing machine and a roof on top of our laundry cage so we can can hang clothes even when it's raining. We always run out of clothes because we keep forgetting to do laundry.

I am grateful for chores that don't need to be done everyday. I am grateful for chores that give me breathing space and reason to, literally, just step out of the house and take a breath of fresh air.

4. Remember. My grandfather had a house on the beach, literally facing the water. And if it weren't for that, I wouldn't have grown up with such a love for the water.

I am grateful for the village pool where exercise is not a chore. I remember how much I love the water. It reminds me of who I am and what I can do to feel better. I can do 5 laps now in 30 minutes. Yay me.

5. Be humble. Angels are always watching over us. And, in this world, there is nowhere to hide from a loving and awesome God.

I am sorry for the days I didn't feel like doing anything. But I'd like to think they made me stronger, better.

I know He is a loving God because He keeps sending people my way who lift me up and make me smile and give me just that added support I need before I crash down completely.

I am grateful for friends who come and go, new friends, old friends, people who stopped by and then went on their way.

I've been used to being alone and independent all my life. One of my aunts told me I had to be strong 'coz I didn't grow up with a Dad.

But, right now, I'm grateful to just need people in my life. No matter how long you stay, I will always be grateful for you.

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  1. Well written,Awesome article :) Keep it up :D