Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Love more, worry less

Bipolar Sunshine - Love More, Worry Less

I love this artist's name.

Good advice too. If you listen to the song, it's about another unwanted pregnancy of a teenage girl with the father of the child who couldn't care less.

The song asks two things: 1. For the teenage girl to look at her future and not lose hope. 2. And that other people shouldn't stop caring and not typecast her into yet just another tragic teen story. And, ultimately, if you are a true friend, not just to her but to anyone who needs help, you ask the person to "call me if you need someone to lean on."


Some thoughts on caring about other people:

* Sometimes, we do end up worrying more than actually loving the other person who seeks our help. I mean, financial help and even giving advice can only go so far. But if we really do love the person asking for our help, moral support, a sympathetic ear, just someone to talk to, we will listen and reassure them that everything is going to be alright.

* Sometimes, it's harder to do this kind of selfless love for people who are closest to us. We start counting hurts, who owes who the next favor, how much that person owes us, and we end up tired, spent, thinking that these people who are supposed to be our lifeline only remember us when they need us.

* Sometimes, it is easier to be kinder to a complete stranger or someone we just met. We're not tired of them hurting us yet, or haven't started the tally of who has helped who more.

* Sometimes, it's easy to be like Oscar the Grouch. Why should I care about other people when they don't care about me?

* Yet, sometimes, God Himself teaches us a lesson in how to love, really love other people.

You don't love because you get something back. You love because you are a being made for love. And when you find someone who's worthy of being loved, even if they don't think they deserve it, that's the miracle right there.

What hurts is that it's not a guarantee that they'll love you back. And you will never really know who loves who more.

But, if you believe, and if you have faith, love exists for its own sake. Not because of any other reason but that this life would be so empty without it.

From Our Enlightened Journey HERE:

“Love does not obey our expectations,
it obeys our intentions.”

"God's Will is whatever we
do with good intention."

"Life does not obey our expectations.
Life obeys our intentions, in ways
we may not expect."

"A good intention is like the seed of
a tree whose fruit we do not know." ~ Lloyd Strom

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