Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hey daydreamer

Hey Daydreamer - Somedaydream

P.S. Ba't may space ship? Lol.

Had to watch it again just to pay attention to what was going on in the tv. So cool! :)


Dreamer. Storyteller. Artist.

So many racing thoughts that wake me up after only about 2-4 hours of sleep.

But I don't mind. I love how things are finally, seem to be, falling into place.

You know that feeling when you're in love? And somehow the world becomes more beautiful?

Well, thank goodness I fell in love with Manila 2060 all over again.

What sucks is the amount of work it involves. I'm kind of getting buried under all the different sources of inspiration and the knowledge I need to pretend I have. I need to talk to:

1. a psychologist
2. a doctor
3. a scientist
4. a bioengineer
5. a future technology developer/theorist
6. maybe even a shaman or healer or some other Yoda-like person

Thing is, I don't know anyone who remotely comes close to all these people I need to have a decent conversation with.

So I'm winging it with research and I have no idea how many groups/ideas/news sources I am now following on Facebook. But I need them ALL. (I feel like I'm collecting Pokemon balls: COLLECT THEM ALL.)

Anyway, what's so cool about everything is that I already have:

1. experience with a spiritual emergency and a stay at the psych wing of a hospital
2. I have two brilliant friends, one of whom is a doctor, and one is smart enough to earn an honorary degree in it, and both are my lifesavers. You know who you are.
3. Somehow, even when I've given up on ever having any help with this, I keep going to the same people and I suddenly have started asking the right questions.

Wish me luck.

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