Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 photo sky_zpscb37a3c3.jpg

I've been sky watching lately. I take endless photos of the sky. Somehow, I get the saying that we see the world not according to how it is, but according to how we are.

Used scraps like the Hambly chevron overlay, the wooden strip is actually shelf liner from Ace Hardware, graph paper, and washi tape.

The bright colors are actually acrylic paint I got from Deovir and put half and half with water in a small spritzer.

 photo church_zps72f37f02.jpg

I adore this cathedral. I never get tired of the angels bowing down to the celtic cross on top.

 photo me_zps6d99c3f2.jpg

I rarely take selfies. But this one turned out to be my favorite. It'd be nice to have more pictures of me... I still haven't taken a photo of my blue hair.

 photo manila2060_zpsa0aa3780.jpg

I've been taking these kinds of photos wondering how I'll be able to use them for my book, Manila 2060.

I wanted to make a graffiti-like background so I just randomly wrote words in markers then colored it with gouache.

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