Friday, December 20, 2013

Wow, thanks, life is good and bad and it's all okay...

Hi! If you're stumbling on to my blog and even if you never read this post, I'm perfectly happy you dropped by. Thank you!

Most of the hits on my blog are, strangely enough, 3 things:

1. homeschooling
2. my favorite anime/drama
3. washi tape



If you're here for homeschooling, here's an update, finally, of where my son Matt is. He's 9 and we've been homeschooling since he was 4.

He's currently enrolled in the Blended Learning Center. And he is having the time of his life. He goes to school three times a week.

Ideally, we're supposed to be continuing homeschooling alongside his regular school and we haven't done much of either.

Matt needs prayers, lots and lots of prayers right now. He has stuff in his lungs and the doctor doesn't want to label what it is... But, for want of a term, it's pneumonitis.

Please pray for him as he really needs it right now.

It's also made me realize how bad pollution is in Manila... (I say Manila but I mean the commuting in and around Metro Manila).

Our kids are inhaling all this bad pollution in the air. And I appreciate seeing the air-cleaning/antibacterial paint they used to paint the pipes (the orange and yellow and brown decoration on the wall) along the Cubao underpass... and the hanging plants they have around the Metro... but it's not enough.

If other parents have a suggestion/advice, I would really appreciate it. So many kids nowadays have primary complex or had it. Matt had it as a (smaller) kid too.

I'd like to blame it all purely on my bad mothering skills and lack of energy to clean around the house... And maybe that's partly to blame too...

But I've been researching a lot on alternative fuel sources and greening/tree planting efforts around the world... And I am re-imagining all that as part of my book called Manila 2060. It's a work in progress but I hope the future, and the kids of the future, have some idea how to address all this pollution and mess...

The wave of the future starts now. But how can our kids be the wave of the future when they're too sick to even function in it?


If you're here for a list of anime/drama that I watch. Thanks just the same. :)

If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear more...

I LOVE JAPAN. I've never been there but I've always been fascinated with it.

I have a list of other stuff you might want to hear about but I don't think the parents *wink,wink* reading this blog would want to hear about them... Let's connect on Facebook? Connect with me at on Facebook.

If anyone can tell me how to put the Facebook icon thingie so I can put it on this blog?


If you're here for washi tape articles and ideas... how to use, where to get them, I have a bunch of ideas...

You can buy them online (delivery in Metro Manila, not sure if they cater to provinces though...) from two places... Hey Kessy and Lasting Impresssion.

I've seen some places that sell them too. Like Me & U store at the Megamall Atrium. Not sure if their other branches sell it too.

There's also another store I found some of them in Greenbelt 5, beneath the escalators, near where Fullybooked is.

Where do I use washi tape?

I have to use them. It would be a waste if I don't. (*Sayang eh.*)

* I use them in art journaling. Just slap on a couple of strips on the sides then journal in the middle. Will try to upload photos, I guess, before I fill them in...

* Scrapbooking. I paste or tape my photo down then add washi tape on the sides or top to look like it holds down the photo... I supposed I can just hold down the photo with washi tape but I'm kinda OC.

* I use washi tape to stick stuff on the walls. I don't like drilling holes in the walls... So I just use washi tape to stick stuff on the walls.

* For giftwrapping. Instead of clear tape, I use washi tape to tape down my wrapping paper.

* As an easy-to-make bookmarker. I have tags I want to alter. But, so far, I've only been able to tape some strips of washi tape on one and use it as a bookmarker.

* There's tons more people have used washi tape for... everything from decorating walls to decorating plates, spoons, forks, straws for parties.

* The trick, I guess is just to have fun and let your imagination flourish. It helps also when you do something regularly, like say, keeping a daily diary. Just decorate your daily calendar with different strips of washi tape to cheer you up and just add a little bit of cuteness and happiness in your life.

Have fun! And do share if you did anything with your washi tape. I'm always looking for ideas too. :)

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