Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hope is elusive for many of us. We lead lives mired in dailiness. We wish for change. We wish for expansion, but we have scant hope that change and expansion can come to us -- and yet they can, often as just the smallest sprinkling at first.

In archaic times, "hope" meant "trust or reliance." In its current usage it means "desire accompanied by expectation or belief in fulfillment." Viewed this way, hope is linked to faith. If we believe in no God, or a withholding God, we will have little faith that our dreams will come true and therefore little hope. If we believe in a benevolent God, one who is friendly to our dreams and goals, then it is easier to have faith and therefore hope. In other words, hope or the lack of hope is directly linked to our faith or lack of faith.

- p. 162, Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper: Starting From Scratch

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