Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Never lose your sense of wonder

When the wonder has gone out of a man he is dead. When all comes to all, the most precious element in life is wonder. Love is a great emotion and power is power. But both love and power are based on wonder. Plant consciousness, insect consciousness, fish consciousness, animal consciousness, all are related by one permanent element, which we may call the religious element in all life, even in a flea: the sense of wonder. That is our sixth sense. And it is the natural religious sense.

- D.H. Lawrence, The Phoenix


So that's why children are some of the happiest people around. You can see them getting lost in the moment, no matter what they're doing, be it with nose buried in a book, while playing, or watching a caterpillar on the ground.

Never lose your sense of wonder. And when you are forced to face responsibilites and all boring grown-up stuff, do something to keep your inner child happy.

I watched "Saving Mr. Banks" with my Mom last weekend. And I think the dad was a prime example of someone who tried to keep his inner child alive as hard as he could. Which is also the reason why he had such a huge impact on his daughter, who later wrote "Mary Poppins".

The reality is often cruel and harsh. Especially to dreamers.

The trick is to find your balance and juggle both dreaming and surviving in the world. For me, that's only possible with faith.

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