Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stuff and updates

So I turned 36 the other day. Wow. Now I know how it feels to be experiencing a second childhood.

 I've never felt so old but I refuse to act old. Inside, I still feel like the cocky, know-it-all 18/21 year old I was. But with the wisdom of a 36 year old, which is: I don't really know anything for sure anymore.

AR got me this for my birthday. I've wanted one in forever and you know that feeling when youI finally got what you wanted but you're not sure you still want it?

We've been on a tight budget ever since Matt started blended learning school and it was a surprise AR got this for me.

I really am grateful. I rarely ask for something that I really want and I never thought I'd be able to hold one in my hands.

Thanks, AR!


I've also decided it's high time I get back to writing.

I do write in a journal on most days. I've moved from fancy and unique journals to ordinary composition notebooks from National Bookstore. I write so much and have to scribble down so many thoughts that I decided to be practical and go cheap.

Besides, I realized it's also a good writing trick. If I'm not worried about the fancy journal I'm writing in, I tend to write more.

And an easy and quick way to decorate my cover and the inside pages are my washi tapes.

I also used to collect postcards that you got free from coffeeshops and this one was from a bookstore in Taiwan.

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