Sunday, July 6, 2014

What makes you feel alive?

So what makes you feel alive?

Been on Twitter for a while now. Crazy how you get caught up in the whole follow/unfollow business. Had to finally put my foot down and break up with some of my followers. My brain was starting to rot, retweeting the same old stuff over and over again. (Why, yes, there are too many posts about love on Twitter.)

This image just spoke to me.

So what makes you feel alive?

Me? It's remembering who I am, despite all the pressures to be someone else. It's being honest and true. It's remembering I have a goal in life. And that, no matter what, I am lucky enough to be the mom of the coolest kid I know.

Live. Life is short enough without whining and just wasting time on inconsequential things (and people).

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