Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An update of sorts

Hi. I know I've seriously neglected this blog. And there isn't a day (okay, maybe once every two weeks) when I just debate whether to keep this blog or just delete it altogether.

I appreciate the visitors who read my Homeschooling 101 in the Philippines blog post, but there are other topics here that I wonder why I ever shared with the world.


Besides, I can't claim to be a homeschooler anymore. Going by definitions, I guess our family is into blended learning, rather than homeschooling.

We still homeschool once a week. But for the rest of the week, Matt goes to the Blended Learning Center, formerly Kids Ahoy, in Cubao.

I have to be honest that it's been a big sacrifice to commute almost daily to and from Pasig to Cubao.

Is it worth it? Both Matt and I would say yes.

If you want to learn more about blended learning, ask the experts and contact the center. Their website is Blended Learning Services Inc. and their Facebook is at BLeSInc. for short. The center is called Blended Learning Center or BLC for short.

Here is an article found on the site: Blended Learning.


I've also been teaching an elective or extra-curricular class at BLC. It's called the Creativity Series but really tackles Creative Writing for kids. If there's an equation for it, it would be called Words + Art + BLeSInc. kids.

I'm not sure but I believe BLC also offers homeschoolers and outsiders to participate in some of the extra-curricular activities of the school, i.e. field trips and extra-curricular classes.

So if you or someone you know would like to integrate a bit of blended learning into your homeschooling, the best place to do that would be BLC.

Um, I've given two Creative Writing classes to the kids but it feels like I'm still learning how to teach.

It was a different deal when I was just teaching my son. And it was basic things you find in a textbook and/or curriculum.

I'm really just winging it on this one and trying to make the class fun for both myself and the students.

So far, the topics have been:

Workshop 1: Ideas

Workshop 2: Alien Workshop

I'm planning on this topic for the next one:

Workshop 3: How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

Sadly, due to lack of time and the classes have been intense, with a broad range of topics, we don't actually get to finish all the activities I plan for the kids.

If you want the handouts, you can probably ask the school if you can have a copy.

I'm the teacher but I'm learning as much from the students as I try to teach them. Which is not so hard to believe if you experience the same in homeschooling.


NANOWRIMO is starting again this November. And I really should join.

Part of me wishes I could just fast-forward to a future wherein I've already published Manila 2060 and I could just read it already.

Oh well.

With patience, the snail typed out a novel a page at a time.


So how have you been?

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