Saturday, November 8, 2014

Truth Cards

I've been playing around with 4 x 6 cards. Either painting them or making greeting cards. Today, I decided to make some Truth Cards. (See more information HERE.)

Methinks our camera is getting old. It's the first time my photos came out blurry like this. -_-

This reads:
Angels are watching over you right now... beside you... in front of you... behind you... you do not travel alone.

Sometimes the pain is more than you can bear, dear girl. That does not mean that you are weak. Those are the times when you must turn your pain over to God.

Dear Nina,

Decide to be alive every day.

Dear Nina,

I surrender to my truthteller.

It is going to be ok. You can trust.

Dear Nina,

Let the door close.

Open the doors that are waiting.

Dear Nina,

Only one voice matters. I will listen to my truth.


Lately, Matt and I have just been in school mode. Although I am thankful I have the opportunity to give creative writing classes to the kids. All the stuff I learned in college, writing books, and scrapbooking have all come together in my classes. I've given three so far, or maybe 2.5.

I've also been trying to write a bit more of Manila 2060 but the going is really slow and scattered.

How have you been doing?

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