Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Today in Cubao

This blind man was walking with his tapping stick on the pedestrian bridge to Farmer's in Cubao today. And people were in such a rush that they were tripping over his stick. The blind man said aloud, "Sorry." But people just rushed by, ignoring him. My heart went out to him when he started to wander towards the giant potted plants on the sides of the pedestrian walk. But he must have known the path already because he quickly veered away from the pot and back to the middle of the path.

A woman was walking by and she grabbed his hand, put it on her shoulder, and started leading him along the path and into the mall. I was pretty impressed at how brave and generous that woman was. (I probably would've been too shy to help him.)

I was walking a little behind them and I saw that they were talking like old friends, even though they were complete strangers a moment ago.

I bid them both a quick prayer and a huge smile in their direction when our paths diverged.

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