Friday, February 26, 2016

3 Stars and a Sun: an original Filipino musical play

As much as I understand why the classics like Noli and Fili have so many productions and rewritings, I always complain that there aren't enough really good original Filipino plays and films being produced. (I am glad that I am discovering more and more new material being written and produced everyday.)

Then came "3 Stars and a Sun," an original Filipino musical play written by Mixkaela Villalon and Rody Vera, directed by Nor Domingo.

I have one word on why I wanted to watch this play: Dystopia. The plot is about two factions of the only remaining surviving Filipinos in a future world where nuclear bombs have ruined and killed off the rest of the population. Lumino City citizens rule and control the Stormdome, while the citizens of Diliman are the poor. Within Diliman, there is a Tropang Gising who are the rebels who want to overthrow Lumino City.

The story goes on to talk about the different issues and problems that their society, trapped in a dome, go through. Think of it as cabin fever gone haywire and I guess that's how living in a controlled environment inside a dome would feel like in the future. 

The final message is clear. You hold in your hands what the future will be and everything is a choice, emphasizing that the youth and the next generation have this on their shoulders.

Photos below are from AR. Click to see bigger image.

Although I wish my son was fluent in Filipino and could fully appreciate the play, I am relieved to say that around only 60% of the play is in Filipino (Matt and I debated on just how much Filipino there was). I told him it was just like watching "Diary ng Panget" before, where a lot of the dialogue was also in English. 

I am glad to report that Matt has come a long way from watching "Diary ng Panget" two years ago. He has a really patient (matiyaga) Filipino teacher who forces the kids in school to listen to him speak in Filipino. We found out later on that the kids, including Matt, can understand a lot, even though they don't (like to) speak Filipino.

Still hoping to breakthrough someday and say proudly that Matt is already fluent in Filipino.

P.S. There is mild cursing within the play. But it was only in one or two scenes. Matt wondered why the adults found it funny that the actors were cursing. 

I highly recommend this play for pre-adolescents and teenagers and adults who are young at heart.

Quotable quote: "Ano po 'yan?" "Watawat." "What a what?" 

A little tribute corner to Filipino rap god, Francis Magalona.

They were selling Francis M t-shirts and CDs at the lobby.

The beautiful set that greeted us when we entered the theater.

"3 Stars and a Sun" runs at the PETA Theater only until March 6, 2016.

Click HERE for more details.

Please do catch it if you can. It is worth it for the message and the headbanging you won't be able to resist while listening to the gorgeous soundtrack inspired by the music of Filipino rap god, Francis Magalona.

Song to look forward to: "Cold Summer Nights" rendered in sentimental Filipino. Gorgeous.

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