Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crusade - Krystyn Pixton


Cradle's softest Yearning 
For a home as Bright as your Heart's Burning 
Waking to the 

Soul that's Chained to the breaking free of 
Showing where our path leads 
Splitting of the lightning leaves me 
Wishing for the strength to hold these Storms; 
I am Stone. I am Iron. I have forged my soul, 
We are Rising from the Ashes though. 

*Everything is Dawning for this Crusade 
The Fabric of the Lies Dissolves in the Flame 
Everything is crushed beneath Masquerades 
The Storms that wreck you heart are Heavens Range 

I watch as Moon does Shudder 
Through Urgently Breath taking Radiant Shadows 
It's full Glow 

I dance to the Dream of Forging 
Open Womb striped with city stars 
Her gripping heart, Painted Scars, Quaking Force, Shaken Shores 
Love is All, Love is All, so release the hunger and Thrall 
Thunderous Storm is rising home again. 

Arching Heavens Billow 
Leaving us to Hold these Scattered Rainbows 
Waking to the 

Toll that's sieved in the Shifting Shoals 
Whose flowing makes the paths whole 
Cooling of the Lightning leaves me 
Riven to the Grace that sires these Norns. 
I am River I am Fire, I've earned my soul, 
We are merging with the Halcyon Glow. 

Everything is dawning for this Night's Raid 
The Vortices of Truth Rain down on the Glade 
The Garlands of the Day become Night's embrocade 
Aurora's bounty made as Fates are Paid

From http://kyrstynsong.com/track/crusade-4

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