Friday, June 30, 2017

Teaching Filipino or Learning Tagalog Chronicle # 2

Today, Matt and I started on reviewing and learning vocabulary words for the weather.

Tagaloglang - Describing the Weather

I was also able to add what root words are, such as "araw" and "ulap", then you add "ma-" to make it into an adjective. We also reviewed that these root words were "pangngalan" or "noun." We had to look up the Filipino translation of "adjective" (because we keep forgetting). I then said "pang-uri" comes from the root word "uri" or "kind." So, to make it easier, "what kind of weather are we having?" becomes "anong uri ng panahon ang meron tayo?"

Then, we reviewed directions, simple sentences for medical emergencies, and the section on listening.

Tagaloglang - Giving Directions

Tagaloglang - Medical Emergency

Tagaloglang - Listen To Me Speak Tagalog

Then we reviewed the section on dates and that's when we ran into trouble.

Tagaloglang - Dates: Month and Day

It helps to sing the nursery songs of the months and days of the week with this. We do a shortcut and fast version of "Lubi-Lubi" just to remember the months of the year. And we have to practice counting in Filipino too.

Then we proceeded to review his basic Filipino greetings. We didn't actually go through the entire video HERE. I just wanted to add to "magandang umaga" ("good morning") with "sa iyo" ("to you"), "sa inyong lahat" ("to you all"), and "magandang umaga sa iyo, kamusta" ("good morning to you, how are you?", informal) vs. "magandang umaga sa inyo, kamusta po kayo" ("good morning to you, how are you, respectful, usually to someone older or to a person of authority).

We also went through this page of affixes (unlapi, gitlapi, hulapi or affix in the beginning, middle of the word, or suffix or the end of the word respectively.) We used this page HERE.

Then we took a break for dinner.

We then did this page on "naman" HERE and my blog post HERE.

Then we did the first part of this video HERE. We stopped at around 4:25 into the video.

Then we wrapped up with this video of Heart of Gold by the Perkins Twins HERE. Yes, it's in English but I wanted Matt to be able to see a music video that was proudly Philippine-made, even if the singers are Filipino-American. (Of course, if you had just a tiny Filipino blood in you, we'd still call you Filipino anyway.)

We had a rather awkward and intimate teen talk but I'll keep the details of that private since it's just a talk between us.

To God be the glory!

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